PU Friction Disc For Texturising Machines

Royal Offers Polyurethane friction disc for texturising machines. Pu disc are available for all types of texturing machines like BARMAGG, RIETER SCRAGG, HIMSON, ALIDHRA etc. ROYAL PU DISC offer a much higher amount of friction and therefore more twist. As synthetic fibers are normally harder than PU, there is no noticeable fiber abrasion. This result in improvements regarding tenacity and elongation of the textured yarn.

Difference between Polyurethane Rubber Soft disc and Ceramic and Plasma coated hard disc:

  • It offers much higher amount of friction there more twist

  • Softness of PU rubber leads to minimal fiber abrasion and therefore generation of fluff stuff, also known as snow, is prevented during processing

  • t has better texturing ability and imparts better characteristics like desired bulk, loft and stretch in the yarn.

Royal PU friction disc has following special properties

Very high wear resistance against high speed rotation due to grade of polyol and isocynate.

Addition of certain additives makes it more oil resistant, high temparature resistant and safe against charge build up.

100% piece to piece dimensional accuracy allows texturisers to have accurate yarn angle while moving through the friction unit.

Uniformity and perfection in surface finish of ROYAL disc ensure apropriate T2/T1 ratio from the start itself to throughout its entire service life.

Special polyurethane material ensures long service life & consistent quality.

Pu Friction Disc Size List

ØD l(Thickness) Ød
45 6 8.1/12
45.5 6 8.1/12
46 6 8.1/12
46.5 6 8.1/12
47.5 6 8.1/12
49.6 6 8.1/12
50 6 8.1/12
51.2 6 8.1/12
52 9 12/14.45
52.5 9 12/14.45
53.5 9 12/14.45
54.1 9 12/14.45
54.2 9 12/14.45
54.5 9 12/14.45
58 9 12/14.45
59 9 12/14.45
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