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Royal Sealing Solutions

The Royal brand specializes in high-performance sealing systems for hydraulic and fluid applications that serves customers throughout the world. The company represents pan-India leadership in designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing parts made of high performance Polyurethanes, Engineering plastics, Elastomers and composites.

About Us

The Royal Group manufactures standardized profiles, customized sealing solutions and high-tech machinery parts with proven reliability, quality assurance and integrity. Hydraulic and pneumatic systems are an integral part of the modern age of machine-controlled environments. Which is why, proper sealing for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders is essential for maintaining performance standards for companies that deal with engineering equipment, construction machinery and a plethora of other manufacturing formats that require heavy automation. Intensive R&D has helped us in developing state-of-the-art sealing solutions for diverse OEM’s and other customers.

With our vast knowledge of advanced polymer science and years of experience, we continue to set high benchmarks in manufacturing cutting-edge seal designs that have zero leakage, run smoothly and last long.


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