Your partner for Quality Sealing Solutions

Royal is one of the leading seal manufacturers in the Indian sub-continent with the capacity to manufacture more than 1 million parts per month. With a world-class manufacturing facility sprawling over 1.50,000 sq feet , we take pride in our capability of processing all types of high-end engineering polymers like polyurethane, engineering plastics, elastomers, PTFE products and composites backed by strong engineering acumen, and a stellar research and development team.


World-class Facilities

  • Over 40 Injection Moulding Machines
  • Over 30 Air Ovens for Curing & Post Curing
  • CNC and Modified Lathes
  • Over 70 Lathes & Trimming machines
  • CNC Tooling facilities
  • VMC for Mould & Die development
  • Grinding & Milling Machines
  • Over 30 Hydraulic Presses
  • Many Customized m/c’s and SPM’s
  • Product wise skilled operators
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