Polyoxymethylene - (POM)

POM is a high strength engineering plastic suitable for bearings, bushings and back-up ring applications. The main molecular chain of acetal homopolymer is the backbone of the acetal copolymer chain, with ethylene oxide being randomly added throughout the acetal homopolymer. The simple molecular nature of the main chain allows a very stable crystalline structure. This crystallinity leads to high heat resistance, high modulus, excellent wear resistance, and resistance to solvents. The added ethylene linkages of acetal copolymer increase the thermal stability, elongation and abrasion resistance. It also displays good low temperature impact resistance, high dimensional stability, favourable frictional properties and low water absorption. It offers excellent gliding characteristics when blended with PTFE and good temperature resistance. Owing to its chemical structure, POM has low moisture absorption as well as good chemical resistance.