Rod Seals

rodThe reciprocating rod seal is one of the most critical elements in hydraulic equipment. Rod seals for hydraulic cylinders seal the system pressure on the rod side of the cylinder against the atmosphere. The seals need to withstand high pressures during the stroke phase as well as the position holding operation of the cylinder.
Rod seal or Gland seals as they are often called, exist in a wide variety of different types. When choosing a rod seal, it is important to define the area of application and the seals need to be chosen as per their specification and design requirement. The individual profile design show specific behaviors and perfomance which need to be in line with the application´s requirements. There are single or composite designs of rod sealing systems.

A leaking rod seal can cause accidents, operational problem as well as environmental pollution. In addition to normal wear and ageing, this seal is directly affected by irregularities on the rod surface. These seals are at times subjected to high and low pressure, often in combination with alternating high and low temperature. ROYAL has chosen some of the most versatile seal designs to meet these demanding requirement specifications. In some systems a secondary rod seal or buffer seal is also used to reduce the load on the primary rod seal.

Basic materials: Polyurethane, Nitrile, Fluorocarbon, Silicone, EPDM, fabric reinforced elastomers, PTFE and its compound and other engineering plastics.

Find below ROYAL’s various seal profiles for Rod or Gland applications.






Royal Profile Standard Profiles Working Parameters Description
Max. Pressure (bar) Speed (m/s) Temp Range (°C)
RS009N 400 4  -20 to +100  PTFE Seal energized O Ring 
RS009F 400 4  -20 to +200
RS018N 400 4  -20 to +100  PTFE Seal energized O Ring 
RS018F 400 4  -20 to +200





RS027 500 0.5  -20 to +100 Rod Seal with ssecondary lip and Anti-extrusion ring loaded with NBR O Ring
RS036U 400 0.5  -30 to +110 U type Assymetric Seal with secondary lip
RS045F 160 0.5  -20 to +200 U type Assymetric Rod Seal
RS045U 400 0.5  -20 to +120
RS054N 400 0.5  -20 to +100 Chevron Packing for Rod application.Robust Design for Heavy Duty Application.
RS054F 400 0.5  -15 to +140
RS063 400 0.5  -20 to +100 U type Assymetric buffer seal with Anti-extrusion ring.
RS090 400 4  -20 to +100  PTFE seal energized with ring square ring - Double Acting
RS099 400 4  -20 to +100 PTFE Seal with NBR square ring energizer
RS108 400 0.5  -20 to +100 Rod Seal with Anti-extrusion ring loaded with NBR O Ring
RS117 315 1  -20 to +100 Polyurethane buffer Seal with NBR O ring Enegiser
RS171 400 0.5  -20 to +100  U type Symetric Seal with secondary lip

Rod Seals