High Pressure Rotary Seals

Rotary Seals are is used to seal rods, shafts, axles, bores, rotary transmission lead throughs, journals, swivels etc. that are subjected to pressure with rotary or oscillating movement. The seal is double-acting and can be exposed to pressure from one, or from both sides.

Rotary Seal profiles ROP001 and ROR002 consists of a seal ring of PTFE material and is activated by an O-Ring as an elastic energizing element.

The contact surface profile of the seal ring is specially designed for use under high pressures and at low sliding speeds. The main advantage of these profiles are Low friction, Simple groove design and easy installation, High abrasion resistance along with a reservoir for lubrication on the sealing surface.

Rotary seal profile ROS004 is specially designed seal for central swivel, with excellent wear and extrusion resistance.



Royal Profile Standard Profiles Working Parameters Description
Max. Pressure (bar) Speed (m/s) Temp Range (°C)
ROP001N 400 4  -20 to +100  Rotary Seal for Piston Application
ROP001F 400 4  -20 to +200
ROR002N 400 4  -20 to +100  Rotary Seal for Rod Application
ROR002F 400 4  -20 to +200




ROS004U 400 0.5  -20 to +100 Rotary Seal for application like Swivel joints

High Pressure Rotary Seals