Wear/Guide Ring - WRPBRG

Material:PTFE+ Bronze compoundPTFE+ Bronze compound
Royal Code TB40(Green Colour) TB40M(Dark Brown)

For compound detail please refer Royal seal materials.(Section III)

General Technical Data:
Maximum speed5 m/s
Load bearing capacity 15 N/mm² at 20 °C
  10 N/mm² at 60 °C
  5 N/mm² at 120 °C
  (permitted specific surface pressing*)

* The permissible load of the guide strip is calculated from the projected area multiplied by the permissible specific surface pressing. The non linear contact pressure distribution, produces by the load with relation to temperature and tolerances, is taken into account in the value of the permissible load. The material is compatible with hydraulic mineral oil, lubricating oil, water based and synthetic fire resistant fluids and lubricating grease. Although the material is rated at 200°C, the recommended maximum temperature for bearing application is 60°C.

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